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(Sample) 2nd order CR Low-pass Filter Design Tool - Result -

Calculated the transfer function for 2nd order CR Low-pass filter, displayed on graphs, showing Bode diagram, Nyquist diagram, Impulse response and Step response.

2nd order CR filter
Vi(s)→ →Vo(s)
(Sample) Transfer function:
G(s)= 10000000000

Center frequency
    fc = 15915.4943092[Hz]

Q factor
    Q = 0.497512437811

Damping ratio ζ
    ζ = 1.005

    p = -14401.5341549[Hz]
          |p|= 14401.5341549[Hz]
    p = -17588.6094066[Hz]
          |p|= 17588.6094066[Hz]

Phase margin
    pm= NAN[deg] (f =0[Hz])

The system does not oscillate.

Overshoot (in absolute value)
The peak of transient waveform is not detected.

Final value of the step response (on the condition that the system converged when t goes to infinity)
    g(∞) = 1

R1=Ω C1=F
R2=Ω C2=F
p:pico, n:nano, u:micro, k:kilo, M:mega
Frequency analysis Bode diagram
    Phase  Group delay
Nyquist diagram
Pole, zero
Phase margin
Oscillation analysis
Analysis on frequency range:
  f1=∼f2=[Hz] (optional)
Transient analysis Step responseImpulse response
Final value of the step response
Analysis on time range:
  0∼[sec] (optional)

Frequency analysis

Transient analysis


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