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(Sample)LR Low-pass Filter Design for PWM - Result -

Calculated peak-to-peak ripple voltage and settling time at a given PWM frequency and cut-off frequency or values of L and R.

LR Filter

PWM signal
(Sample)Transfer Function:
G(s)= 628.318530718

Cut-off frequency

fc = 100[Hz]

Final Vout value of the step response (without a ripple)

g(∞) = 2.5[V]

Peak-to-peak ripple voltage

ΔVpk-pk = 0.0785333573362[V](Duty=50%)

Settling time 0%→90% (0V→2.25V) (without a ripple)

tr = 0.0036646779944[sec]
Duty Step 0%→[%]

PWM signal voltage:
VL = [V]  VH = [V]

L and R values of filter | Cut-off frequency

Cut-off frequency fc = [Hz]
L and R values
p:pico, n:nano, u:micro, k:kilo, M:mega

Transient analysis