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(Sample)LR Low-pass Filter Design Tool - Result -

Calculated the Transfer Function for the LR Low-pass filter, displayed on a graph, showing Bode diagram, Nyquist diagram, Impulse response and Step response.

LR Filter

Vin(s)→ →Vout(s)
(Sample)Transfer Function:
G(s)= 1000

Cut-off frequency

fc = 159.154943092[Hz]

Rise/Fall time of step response

R = ΩL = H
Stead-state value: %→%

tr = [sec]


p = -159.154943092[Hz]
  |p|= 159.154943092[Hz]

Final value of the step response (on the condition that the system converged when t goes to infinity)

g(∞) = 1

p:pico, n:nano, u:micro, k:kilo, M:mega

Frequency analysis

Bode diagram
    Phase  Group delay
Nyquist diagram
Pole, zero
Phase margin
Oscillation analysis
Analysis on frequency range:
  f1=∼f2=[Hz] (optional)

Transient analysis

Step response
Impulse response
Final value of the step response
Analysis on time range:
  0∼[sec] (optional)

Frequency analysis

Transient analysis